June 3, 2013

Even though I lived outside of the U.S. for nearly 4 years, I've still never wrapped my head around the temperature in Celsius.  The only sure thing I knew is that 0º in Cº is freezing, and -30º is about the same in both Cº and Fº (something I learned in Winnipeg one February when my eyeballs were in danger of freezing open).  

Today while waiting outside a restaurant for my huarache to cook, I saw a giant thermometer on the front of the building next door. I decided once and for all to commit to memory a way of making Cº temperatures useful to me.  What this looked like to passersby was a man muttering under his breath while staring at a giant thermometer for 10 minutes.

 These are my results:

Assuming you are experiencing the temperature outside, not accounting for wind chill: 

40's and up: You might be in hell; or Arizona

30's: Uncomfortably hot. Hopefully you are swimming rather than wearing a suit in a subway station

20's: This is the temperature of Heaven

10's: Use a jacket/sweater

under 10: heavy coat. Also, you might be in hell, except now it burns cold.

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